Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Unusual Pet

Wikipedia - Public Domain
A few months ago, I went with my Mom to the Veterinary Clinic in Ellijay, Georgia. We had a kitten who was having trouble with his eyes. While waiting outside to be seen, a nice looking lady walked in with a small pet carrier. I was reading, didn't pay much  attention, and assumed it was a small dog or cat. After a few minutes, I looked up and just happened to look inside the lady's pet carrier. There inside, looking back at me, was a possum. A fairly BIG possum. I didn't know what to say but after a few minutes, Mom started talking to her. According to the lady, she acquired the possum when it was a baby and it has made a good pet. Perhaps it has and I'm sure that she loves her pet - but still, you could've knocked me over with a feather! I thought possums were big rats, scavengers, and a few people hunted them to eat. [Let me mouth a oooouuuuu here!] Also right here, let me clarify that the proper name for them is *Opossum* but throughout Appalachia and down south we just refer to them as *possum*.

Most of my experiences with possums have been with either fright or disgust. Though the years, they have ended up a victim in my late husbands junk barrel that he kept behind the shed in the back yard. They would get in but couldn't get out. At night, they take up residence on your front porch, and scare you half to death if you go out when they are there. They ramble through garbage/dumpsters looking for food. Many times, I have seen them on the road as roadkill. A few times I have encountered them while out walking around the neighborhood. In the warm weather, I like to walk at dusk - it's much cooler. Most animals will run when you walk by - or at least bark or retreat farther back into the the yard. Not a possum. They will stand there and stare you down. Once, while walking past one, it even hissed at me. I believe this is why they are infamous for *playing dead* when other animals get after them. They don't have the sense to retreat or run.

Uncle Buck and the Possums

The first time that I ever saw a possum, I was about 10 years old. My maternal grandparents lived in Atlanta. Every now and then my grandmother's brother, Buck, who wasn't in good health, would come to stay with her for a while. Buck would piddle around in the basement. We kids never went down there much. We knew that Pop kept his tools down there and that uncle Wayne [my grandparents son] kept a model train set. Apparently, at some point, Buck decided to build a couple of traps.

One day, me and my sister went into the basement and saw that he had captured some kind of small animal in them. When Pop came home from work, we ask him about the animals and what Buck was doing with them. Pop went down to take a look and later he told us that the animals were *Possums* and that Buck 'was just taking care of them'. Well, that was the truth - but only half of it!

Five or six months later, Buck still had those possums. All summer long, into the late fall, he kept them in the basement. By that time, they were getting big and fat. One day, me and Sis went into the back yard and saw the possums. We ask Buck if he was ever going to let them go. He replied "No. I'm getting them fat so I can eat them." Well, this upset us, so as soon as Buck went back inside, we let his possums go. They ran toward the woods, full speed. We were happy - we had rescued the possums from Buck. But he wasn't happy at all - and the crap hit the fan. We kids got into big trouble.

A few years later, Buck was at it again, keeping his possums in the cages in the basement. This time, he and my grandmother got into arguments about it; she wanted him to get rid of them.

One night, while Pop was at work, she and Buck got into an argument about them again. Buck went downstairs to the basement. A few minutes later, he opened the kitchen door and threw in one of those possums. My sister was there, her and my grandmother both almost had a stroke. The possum was running all over the house and there they were after it with brooms, the possum running and hissing. Chasing it out of rooms and closing doors behind them, they finally cornered it in the den and got it to out.

Needless to say, Buck spent the night, and a few more nights, in the basement with his pet[s]!

I came in after everything had happened. I still can't believe my grandmother was moving that fast - she had arthritis in her hip real bad.

I always thought Buck was eating those possums by himself. However, last year at a family gathering, uncle Wayne told me that Buck had a few friends across the river that wanted them. Buck would catch them, fatten them up and sell the possums to them and whoever else wanted one.

That makes me wonder.....exactly how many possums did Buck have flowing in and out of that basement through the years?

Uncle Buck and my grandparents are all gone now. Me and Sis laugh about this now - but it wasn't so funny when it happened. uncle Buck, we loved him, but at times he could be mean as a snake.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Georgia Slow Poke Bill Applauded

I received this text message in response to the Georgia *Slow Poke Bill* that passed the house and is now before the Senate:

Feb. 27, 2014

The 'Slow Poke' Bill has just passed the house for Georgia drivers. Warn the GMaw! I can't wait until they pass the "Circle the parking lot 10 times before parking' Bill!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Begone!

This time around, I didn't hang around Cobb or Paulding Counties. With the forecast predicting that the worst area would be around metro-Atlanta and east, west and south of, I high-tailed it to extreme northwest Georgia - back to Ellijay. This time, it seems that I made the right decision, as I have avoided the worst of not one, but two, snow storms.

Yesterday, Ellijay didn't get too much snow, perhaps a couple of inches. This morning, there was a mixture of ice and snow. But by 10:00 the sun was out and the snow and ice began falling off of the tree limbs in big clumps. By 6:00 tonight, much of it had already melted. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, the bulk of the frozen white stuff will be out of here. Snow is beautiful, but after a day or two, I'm ready for it to go away.

A few of my friends are without power - one of them is relying on a Kerosene heater. My parents are lucky that they are not total electric. They have propane gas for heat in case the power should go out. I would feel better if they would invest in a wood burning stove too, but right now, they don't feel that they need it. Step-dad's sister, Dot, who lives not too far away in Ellijay, has one, and it saves her a lot of money on her heating bill. For example, if anyone should need propane gas right now, it is almost $4.00 per gallon, compared to around $2.00 during warm months. When folks live in apartments/homes that are total electric they suffer during times like this if they don't have back-up heat. But back-up heat is the thing that many southerners don't think about - mainly because snow and ice are rare - we just don't get that much of it. Back-up to us is a flashlight and a box of candles in case the power goes off during a bad thunder storm. But perhaps after seeing the results of the last two snow storms, we should hope for treated roads and think more in the way of getting better prepared in our own homes and communities.

To the ones who had a rough time, caught out in the cold, I hope that you made it home safely. My brother-in-law and nephew were stuck in their vehicles for over 24 hrs, along the I-20/Fulton Industrial area. A homeless man, who was offered shelter but refused, froze to death in Mableton. We just never know how things are going to turn out and we must be prepared and help one another, whenever and wherever we can.

And now, I don't know about anybody else, but I'm ready to see the grass and flowers! Last winter, the wind blew cold for far too long, way into the spring. This year, cold wind and snow/ice!

According to the south's famous groundhog, General Beauregard Lee, we will have an early spring because he didn't see his shadow. I'll believe it when I see it! If he's fibbing....does anyone have a good recipe for groundhog stew?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Raccoons and Straw People of Ellijay

I'm spending a little time with my Mom in Ellijay and needless to say, it's a welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of metro-Atlanta. Ellijay is laid back and quiet - I like that. But at Mom's cabin, all is not quiet...looks like step-dad has made friends with a couple of raccoons that live nearby. He said they have been coming to visit him since late spring, when they were just babies. Every now and then he gives them food, they eat right out of his hand.

I missed the Fall Apple Festival in October, but the straw people are still hanging out downtown. I think they look cool! The people of Ellijay might call them something else, but I call them straw people because..well...they are positioned outside/on the streets to look like people! Mom calls them *scarecrows*. This is obviously a folk tradition in this area. I'm hoping that someone from the Ellijay area will discover this post and can share how the tradition got started...:)  Below are some pics that I took of them earlier this week. In one of the pictures, a big semi-truck didn't make it's turn and you can see where it clipped the side of the building and knocked down the awning. I don't think much damage was done.

Straw People of Ellijay

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Winged Beauty

Back in May, I caught this snapshot of what I thought was a moth resting against the wall of my apartment building. It was large like a luna moth but was brown. Tonight, after reading NellJean's blog post, I might be wrong, it may be a butterfly [American Painted Lady or Buckeye] - the markings are almost the same. Hopefully she will let me know...I haven't seen one of these butterflies? in my area at all. Never. Maybe it's because all the Rabbit Tobaccy is gone!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Spider and her Web

Around a month ago, I discovered that I was hosting this spider outside of my kitchen window. The species is Argiope Aurantia, but around my area they are commonly known as writing spiders. The first time that I ever seen a writing spider, I was around 9 years old. The spider had spun a beautiful web beneath the back porch of my aunt Marie's house. The spider was huge - it's body was probably as big as my head - or so I thought. My uncle, Bobby, was in the back yard with my sister and me and we asked him to knock down the web. We were afraid of it! Of course he didn't. He just laughed and said that it was not poisonous and would soon be gone because it was almost time for cold weather. Aunt Marie told us that there is a myth that says if you look at the spider it will write your name and you will die. Well....I've looked at many since way back then and I'm still around - at least for now. But I still check to see if my name's there!

 The fascinating thing about this spider is that she first spun her web in the lower left-hand side of the window. Over the past month, she has slowly moved it over and upward; it now rests in the upper right-side of the window. I've learned that the spiders will eat their webs at night and spin a new one before dawn. All day, she sits in the center, still, as if dead, waiting...If you watch long enough, every so often a little bug/insect will get caught in her web. Then, as quick as lightning, she will run over to it. And then, just as quickly as she ran to check her dinner, back to the center she will go, resuming her former position, and once again she will become if dead...waiting. I hope that she stays in the window so that I can watch her grow.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Leon Panetta and His Not Surprising Testimony

I could say that Defense Secretary Leon Panetta's testimony at a Senate Armed Services Committee congressional hearing on March 7th, is 'unbelievable' - but it's not. We should thank Panetta for his testimony - at least now we understand the legislative branch of Government no longer has power over declaraion of war and the US Military - but instead that power belongs to the US President, United Nations and NATO.

It has never seemed to matter to Congress that the erosion of States Rights and the disregard of the 10th amendment have crippled this countries' power to be fully self reliant, self governing, and truly free. I wonder how they feel today, knowing that they too, now have no real authority in matters of self defense and warfare?

In my opinion, this is only one of the reasons why the media and political downplay of US Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, is so vicious and relentless. Ron Paul is a US Constitutionalist - were he to be elected to the White House, his strict Constitutional policies would surely interfere with US/International plans.

But it is not only Ron Paul. Anyone who is a supporter of the US Constitution or States Rights is disregarded and ultimately dragged through the mud by media if they dare take a legal or political stand.

However, Rep. Walter Jones, North Carolina, has taken a stand. On March 7th, he introduced H. Concurrent Resolution 107.

[Excerpt - Resolution Calls for Impeachment if Obama Does Not Seek War Authorization from Congress]
Rep. Walter Jones, a North Carolina Republican, has introduced H. Concurrent Resolution 107, which calls on the House, the Senate Concurring, to prevent Obama from starting another war without authorization from Congress. The resolution was referred to the Committee on the Judiciary on March 7.
[End of Quote]

Full text of Resolution 107 can be read here.

I'm not so sure that I even approve of Resolution 107 - it's hard to be sympathetic toward a Government Body who have been so neglectful of its own people and the law of its own land [the US Constitution - States Rights], instead, focusing on power, power, and more power, until finally, they are losing that power.

Congress - Europe owns you!

Panetta's Testimony


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sheriff Joe's Cold Case Investigation

On March 1st, Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona, released to the public the findings of his six month investigation into President Obama's birth certificate and his eligibility. Below is the full video of that news conference.

Full Video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio Press Conference -
Obama Eligibility Cold Case Investigation


Tonight, Worldnet reports that the Obama Campaign has responded to Sheriff Joe by attempting to raise money off of his investigation by offering coffee mugs for sale! On one side of the mug is a pic of Obama that states 'Made in the USA' and on the other side is a pic of the hotly refuted birth certificate. Full story here.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt Gingrich Stands Tall in S.C.

Newt Gingrich responds to CNN's John King....

It looks as though the GOP candidate's are weary of attacks upon them by liberal media who promote Obama's re-election [or another GOP candidate]....we'll have to wait and see how this will work out for Newt in tomorrow's election. By observance of the audience, it looks like they were glad to see Newt stand up for himself. This oh-so-tacky move by John King just may have earned Newt votes - and made America more aware of the arrogance and downfall of Main Stream Media.

Newt Destroys John King, Media Over Ex-Wife Question...


*See Also:

Media Admits Conspiracy to Ignore Ron Paul
CNN host Howard Kurtz even admits that, “We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race”.
[end of excerpt]


Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Fall of Main Stream Media

You, know, folks, here is another post that is difficult to type...but I feel that the contents that I'm going to put here really need to be looked at again. Maybe three or four times, just so one can get it fixed in their heads with certainty that something is not quiet right with the American Media.

I'm not going to whitewash this, grumble about how I use to hold such respect for our nation's media [but I did] or how it's only a few of them [it's not]...No, from what I'm reading and understanding, about 80% of the Main Stream Media [MSM], are bought and paid for by special interest groups, political parties and the US Federal Government. They are plainly trying to control and dictate American Elections by their own admittance and via their actions. I've written about this subject before here and here.

Looking back over the past few weeks, there are a few displays of dishonor and lack of integrity by the MSM that should never be forgotten in MSM history.

December 20, 2011

[Branstad's Act of Sabotage An Outrageous Attempt to Tamper With Election Process by: Paul Watson]

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad’s rhetorical act of sabotage against his own state’s Republican primary, with his insistence that a potential Ron Paul victory should be ignored, represents an outrageous attempt to tamper with the election process.

As we reported earlier, Branstad told Politico that a Paul victory in the primary should be dismissed, urging Republicans to ignore the legitimacy of the result if the Texan Congressman comes out on top, which recent polls suggest he has a very good chance of doing. Politico adds that many fear “such a result….would do irreparable harm to the future role of the first-in-the-nation caucuses.”

“People are going to look at who comes in second and who comes in third,” said Branstad, adding, ““If [Mitt] Romney comes in a strong second, it definitely helps him going into New Hampshire and the other states,” comments taken to mean that Republicans should “ignore” Ron Paul, according to Politico’s Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns.


If Branstad is rooting for anyone, it’s clearly Mitt Romney. Prominent Romney supporters are even trying to groom Branstad into becoming a candidate for Vice President under a Romney administration.

“1996 GOP presidential nominee Bob Dole broached the idea of Branstad as No. 2 on the ticket. Dole reportedly called Branstad this weekend to let him know he would be endorsing Mitt Romney for president, and said he’d like to recommend Iowa’s governor as a possible running mate,” reports USA Today.

Branstad downplayed his interest in the role, but said he was “flattered” to be considered.
[end of excerpt]


January 9, 2012

CBS Reporter Blatantly Excludes Ron Paul From Coverage by: Steve Watson]

Going into New Hampshire and ahead of two debates this weekend, Paul was polling in strong second, as he has been for some time. However, That did not stop CBS political correspondent Jan Crawford from showing graphics and talking about recent polling, without even mentioning Paul’s numbers or even that he was involved in the race at all.

Crawford even used a graphic referencing a Suffolk University Poll of New Hampshire voters, omitting Paul’s numbers, even though he came second, and was the only candidate other than Mitt Romney to poll in double figures.
[End of Excerpt]


January 10, 2012

[CNN'S Dana Bash "Worried" About Ron Paul's Success by: Kurt Nimmo and Paul Watson]

On January 2, Dana Bash told her husband, CNN anchor John King, that is she “worried” about Ron Paul’s success today in New Hampshire.

She said it concerns her and establishment Republicans that he will continue to push on with his campaign through the spring and summer right up to the election.


Note that it is Bash who has been tasked with following Ron Paul around on behalf of CNN. Paul’s campaign yesterday cut off an interview with her after she tried to blame Paul for the media swarm in a New Hampshire restaurant that forced Paul to cut short a meet and greet, a fracas that was wholly a creation of the media itself.
[End of Excerpt]


If this is honest, non biased, reporting, I'd hate to see what IS.

Before the whole world, their contempt and tampering with American Politics is sticking out like a sore thumb.

Why do they do this? Because of their party affiliations. They want Americans to believe that if you vote for a libertarian, 3rd party, or for any party other than that of the Democrat or Republican Party - that they can't win. ha! After many decades of that type *brainwashing* it just might be true...

I've even had people tell me that I HAVE to vote Republican or Democratic...otherwise, I'm throwing my vote away......

That is a lie - A damn lie.

My challenge is for anyone to show me a Federal or State [Georgia] law that says I can only vote Dem or Repub - and for no other candidate/party, even though they be a legit candidate/party on the ballet.

Show me the law or shut up the nonsense/lies.

It is my legal right to vote my conscience...and that I will do.

Ron Paul may not go on to win the GOP - but his platform, the very idea of freedom and liberty is awakening the American people - and is our future.

America, indeed the world, is now witnessing the downfall of American Media as well as the death throes of the Republican and Democratic Parties...Good riddance. It can't come soon enough.


Monday, January 9, 2012

Stepping into 2012

I have to admit, this post is not easy to type. So much has been going on that the past 3 weeks have been nothing but a blur - and bronchitis, flu, and finally pneumonia, doesn't help with the concentration. But is concentration really needed??

For some reason, this holiday season has been very different. Christmas was spent with my older son and his family, given that Amanda is very sick. So we just kind of isolated ourselves for a few days and kicked back. Indeed, the bronchitis and the flu was starting to rear its head for all of us.

Driving back to Ellijay on the 27th was uneventful - I stopped at a scenic overlook along Hwy 515 long enough to take a few pics of the Zell Miller monument. Across the mountains to the west, the mountains were now in shadow, surrounded by the glow of a beautiful sunset. I've never seen a more beautiful sunset than that one...

The next few days at home would be miserable [as they still are] - flu/pneumonia going full speed - but still that tranquility was, and still is, here.

Jan 1

It's funny, most of my previous last days of December were seen out in a festival atmosphere, keeping with all of the family, fun, customs and superstitions. This year, is just wasn't there. Perhaps the tranquility kicked in because 2011 was one of the most rotten years of my life and I was certainly glad to see the tail-end of it. The homemade medicine that I had made for myself - Jack Daniels and honey - I had a few extra strong shots just to help 2011 on its way out. For 2011, it was *so long*, *good-bye* and *adios*.

After the peach fell, and the New Year was in, I went off to bed.

Dreams. The vivid ones, dreams that seem so real that you think it is reality - and most of the time they wake you up. These dreams, of a person, would go on all night. I'd wake up and when I fell back asleep, the dreams would start again...Kind of like watching a movie with a rewind - forward.

Jan 4

If I dreamed at all during the night of the 4th, I don't remember - for it is only the vivid and/or dark dreams that I remember. Upon awakening at dawn, I could see through the french doors that it was lightning outside. Going upstairs to make coffee, I saw what I first thought were headlights at the end of the driveway - but when I opened the door - nothing was there...except what looked like a big bush of fire - or a fire ball. It wasn't the sunlight, because the sun wasn't out - it was very cloudy.

The first week of 2012 has been interesting to say the least. I'm wondering if the dreams, together with the lightning and fire, have anything to do with this years coming events. I believe that dreams tell us things, give us clues. Sometimes they are very clear - other times they are confusing and one may not know the meaning behind the dreams for a long while [such as I did about the dogs].

A few things are for sure - 2012 promises to be explosive in many ways, particularly the political scene, because this is an election year. The Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Nasa predicts a solar storm for 2012 or in 2013....

So now we are in the fabled year - 2012. Whatever happens or doesn't happen, folks, we'll know soon enough. After all, we get a front row seat!

[Click on pics for larger view]

The Zell Miller Monument
Hwy 515 [Zell Miller Mountain Parkway]
Scenic Overlook [North bound]
Pickens County, Georgia

Zell Miller - Hwy 515, Pickens County, Ga., Front

Zell Miller - Hwy 515, Pickens County, Ga., Back