Monday, January 26, 2015

The Rise of Pegida

Something very significant is happening in Germany.

That something is the rise of Pegida [Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West]. On the heel of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris, Pegida is gaining in popularity and is spreading across Europe. Last Wednesday, and again on Sunday, protest marches were held in the city of Leipzig, protesting political correctness, unlimited immigration, appeasement, and lack of assimilation by Muslims.

For the past few decades, Christianity has been under attack, not only by non-believers, but also seemingly by governments. In the United States, Obama has declared that America is no longer a Christian nation. Pastors and clergy are under fire for anything that they say that may break the rules of political correctness. Many churches no longer teach the scriptures in full, picking and choosing their verses carefully, for fear of offending someone - and ending up in court.

Across the middle east and north Africa, Christians, Jews, and minorities are being slaughtered by the thousands. Many MSM outlets ignore it - as do governments - as they are either unwilling or unable to stop the onslaught of terrorists such as Boko Haram, Al-Qaeda and ISIS. Pegida is the result of attacks against the western world and governments doing very little to stop it.

 We are definitely living in historic times. It looks like a clash between the faiths/non-muslims and cultures are inevitable if world leaders continue to ignore the people and live in LA LA Land.

Dark clouds are forming.

 [Excerpt from "German Government, Leftists, and ISIS Try to Destroy PEGIDA"]

For centuries the Saxony region of Germany has been a place where protests are born. It has been relatively quiet there for the last quarter of a century. but 25 years after German reunification, Leipzig and Dresden are once more igniting the flames of dissent, especially when PEGIDA proved itself today to the whole world, and against all odds stood up tall telling the Muslim world that Germany will be Christian land and that Islamic immigration will soon be halted.

In Europe, the war on the rightous is ongoing and the future of the Islamization of Europe stands in the hands of an anti-Islamization group called PEGIDA which is primarily centered in Germany. “Pray for us” writes Peter asking’s viewers to constantly remember their brethren in Germany. PEGIDA requested westerners that since the liberal media is against them in Europe, they urge everyone to spread the word through social media in hope that all the West will arise against Muslim tyranny.

Indeed, if ISIS spreads terror through social media and Muslims march by the millions across the world against westerners for simply exercising their free speech; westerners sick of terror and liberal media can spread freedom and anti-terror through the same system.

So PEGIDA, using social media has become the latest and loudest voices against the Islamization of Europe calling themselves the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA). And as al-Qaeda and ISIS grows around the world, PEGIDA will lead the European masses and will hold the future of Europe, so long they carry the blessed holy cross and honor the rights of the Jews to live in Israel.

And despite all the odds, PEGIDA has led peaceful demonstrations that have been met with angry counter-protesters who have resorted to violence in an effort to halt PEGIDA’s mutiny against Islamization, one can see for themselves who PEGIDA is; the regular folk of Europe just as in the United States:...

[end of excerpt]

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and,  I can't post on Pegida, without a word about their troubled beginnings and former leader, Lutz Bachmann, who got into a lot of trouble for posting a pic of himself dressed like Hitler on social media. He resigned over the pic - and I must say that he needed to resign - the world doesn't need the image that he presented. Good Riddance! This is an example of why/how movements can become dangerous if the people aren't careful.

German Anti-Immigrant Figure Quits Post After Posing as Hitler


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Gas Price Dropping Low

And I'm low will it go? Anything is better than $4 bucks per gallon! It was costing me about $80 a week to fill up my GMC truck.

Currently, the price is $1.97 per gallon, which gives me a big reason to smile!

This pic was taken 2 days ago at the BP Station at the corner of 515 and Maddox Rd in Ellijay Georgia.

Friday, January 23, 2015

A Month of Madness

and it ain't over.

Each year when New Year's Eve/Day arrives, it is only human nature that most people are in a joyful mood with the expectation of new beginnings for the New Year. This year, I just couldn't bring myself to be joyous. So instead of raining on everyone's parade of inspiration and expectations, I've keep my silence. My gut feelings are almost always correct. Now that certain events have taken place, I feel it is safe to crawl out from under my rock, and even say those naughty words - "Told ya."

During the first week of Jan 2015 two horrific events occurred:

The mass shooting at the satirical weekly newspaper, Charlie Hebdo, in Paris. On Jan 7th, 2 gunmen, shouting Allahu Akbar killed 12 and injured 11. In later connected events, 5 others were killed, including 11 more injured. Al-Qaeda terrorist cell in Yemen claims responsibility for the attack.

Islamic terrorists, known as Boko Haram, kills 2,500 people in the towns of Baga and Doron, Nigeria. So far, Nigeria is unable to control Boko Haram, who is a clear threat not only to Nigeria, but all of North/Western Africa. Nigeria is a country in which the northern states are predominately Islamic and the southern states are predominately Christian. It remains to be seen how this problem is going to be handled.


Russian President, Valdimir Putin cuts off gas supply to Ukraine
[Note - in the above article, The Daily Mail refers to President Putin as the Prime Minister - that is incorrect. The Prime Minister of Russia is Dmitry Medvedev.  

During the second week of Jan 2015:

3.) A unity rally is held in France to show support for the Charlie Hebdo victims and the support of free speech. Unity rallies are ultimately held all over the world, in many cities, in support. Over 40 world leaders join in the march. However, top officials from the United States don't attend, even though AG Eric Holder is in Paris. Why? I can't answer this, only Obama can answer for himself - but here's something to consider: A clip from Obama's speech at the 2012 United Nations where he says that "The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam". Apparently, Obama doesn't approve of Charlie Hebdo.


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accuses the west of *False Flag Attack* in Paris

It is reported that 22 Islamic Terror Camps exist in the U.S. - 2 of them are in Georgia, in the cities of Jessup and Commerce.

During the third week of Jan 2015:

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts questions whether this could have been a *False Flag Attack* in Paris. He notes the rise of right-wing groups opposed to Islam in Europe.

On Jan 20th, Obama gives his State of the Union address. Again, the country is divided, with the Democrats obviously happy and clapping wildly; the Republicans clapping at some things with a bewildered look. The military weren't happy campers...Many feel that this speech was totally out of touch not only with the American people, but with worldwide events.


 The Swiss National Bank throws in the towel on the Euro/Swiss Franc.

During the fourth week of Jan 2015: so far....

The tiny country of Yemen falls to pro-Iranian rebels and Al Qaeda

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia dead at 90.

 2015 - The Year of Predictions and Prophecies

In my opinion, everything that has occurred this month so far is important and has the potential to play out significantly in the U.S. as well as the world stage. Many people are making predictions about what is to come:

  • Collapse of the economy
  • War with Russia and Iran - and more war with evil ISIS and radical Islamists
  • Cyber attacks that can take down our electric grid and/or mess with our nuclear weapons
  • Continued killing of Jews, Christians, and other minorities on an incomprehensible scale
  • Large scale terrorist attacks in the U.S.
  • Race wars within the U.S.
  • Gun ban/confiscation in the U.S.
  • Limitations on freedom of speech in U.S. / western world
  • Spread of a bio-level disease, such as Flu or Ebola, resulting in a worldwide pandemic.

The prophecies are also here. Many religious leaders and church members believe that all the chaos may be signaling the beginning of sorrows/the end of days. Many non-religious believe that man is really stupid enough to engage in nuclear or bio warfare, effectively eliminating most of the human race.

So what do we make of it all?

There's no way to tell right now. We can hope that none of the above happens...

I believe that we must do what is right and our main concern should be our own hearts, our God, and our families; the safety thereof.

The world, especially the west, is now at a point where they must decide on their moral values and how they wish to live their lives - what they stand for.

If it is love, peace, non-violence and freedom - then stand up and speak out. Forget about Political Correctness. Let your voices be heard and let your votes count. Do it with intelligence and peaceful means.

If you stand for ignorance, violence, and murder of innocents - then please sit down. You have no place in the free world.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Let Us All Be Unhappy on Sunday

A Lyric for Saturday Night

We zealots, made up of stiff clay,
     The sour-looking children of sorrow,
While not over-jolly today,
     Resolve to be wretched tomorrow.
We can’t for a certainty tell
     What mirth may molest us on Monday;
But, at least, to begin the week well,
     Let us all be unhappy on Sunday.

That day, the calm season of rest,
     Shall come to us freezing and frigid;
A gloom all our thoughts shall invest,
     Such as Calvin would call over-rigid,
With sermons from morning to night,
     We’ll strive to be decent and dreary:
To preachers a praise and delight,
     Who ne’er think that sermons can weary ...

All tradesmen cry up their own wares; 
    In this they agree well together: 
The Mason by stone and lime swears; 
    The Tanner is always for leather. 
The Smith still for iron would go; 
    The Schoolmaster stands up for teaching; 
And the Parson would have you to know, 
    There's nothing on earth like his preaching.
The face of kind Nature is fair; 
    But our system obscures its effulgence: 
How sweet is a breath of fresh air! 
    But our rules don't allow the indulgence. 
These gardens, their walks and green bowers,
    Might be free to the poor man for one day; 
But no, the glad plants and gay flowers 
    Mustn't bloom or smell sweetly on Sunday.
What though a good precept we strain 
    Till hateful and hurtful we make it! 
What though, in thus pulling the rein, 
    We may draw it as tight as to break it! 
Abroad we forbid folks to roam, 
    For fear they get social or frisky; 
But of course they can sit still at home, 
    And get dismally drunk upon whisky. 

Then, though we can't certainly tell 
    How mirth may molest us on Monday; 
At least, to begin the week well, 
    Let us all be unhappy on Sunday. 

~Charles Lord Neaves

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

This is the manager scene located in downtown Ellijay, Georgia. Whenever I drive by it, I am reminded to be thankful for all of the good things that have happened in my life over the past year. Peace is within my own family - but for many, it doesn't exist at this moment. It seems that the whole world is coming apart at the seams. Even though 2014 is ending on an explosive note, and with the prospects of 2015 not looking much better, I still have hope that America can turn things around, for the better of all. From my family to yours, I wish you a peaceful and Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

THIS IS WAR/John Preston

This has been a hell of a year....So much has happened that I can hardly stop my head from spinning - and then it's something else. One good thing - [if you can call politics good] - The Nov 4th elections got rid of some Democrats who deserved to be sent home while it gave the Republicans a big win - and a chance to save face. Let's all hope and pray that Congress can now get down to serious business. Last night, while watching/listening to a radio broadcast on youtube, I became aware of a music video by John Preston, that was played as an ad during the broadcast. Preston is a Marine veteran who served in Iraq. It caught my attention, so I decided to post it here on Corridors. It looks like this is Preston's first album/third single. You can buy a copy on Itunes...30% of all music sales goes directly to support veterans causes.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

An Unusual Pet

Wikipedia - Public Domain
A few months ago, I went with my Mom to the Veterinary Clinic in Ellijay, Georgia. We had a kitten who was having trouble with his eyes. While waiting outside to be seen, a nice looking lady walked in with a small pet carrier. I was reading, didn't pay much  attention, and assumed it was a small dog or cat. After a few minutes, I looked up and just happened to look inside the lady's pet carrier. There inside, looking back at me, was a possum. A fairly BIG possum. I didn't know what to say but after a few minutes, Mom started talking to her. According to the lady, she acquired the possum when it was a baby and it has made a good pet. Perhaps it has and I'm sure that she loves her pet - but still, you could've knocked me over with a feather! I thought possums were big rats, scavengers, and a few people hunted them to eat. [Let me mouth a oooouuuuu here!] Also right here, let me clarify that the proper name for them is *Opossum* but throughout Appalachia and down south we just refer to them as *possum*.

Most of my experiences with possums have been with either fright or disgust. Though the years, they have ended up a victim in my late husbands junk barrel that he kept behind the shed in the back yard. They would get in but couldn't get out. At night, they take up residence on your front porch, and scare you half to death if you go out when they are there. They ramble through garbage/dumpsters looking for food. Many times, I have seen them on the road as roadkill. A few times I have encountered them while out walking around the neighborhood. In the warm weather, I like to walk at dusk - it's much cooler. Most animals will run when you walk by - or at least bark or retreat farther back into the the yard. Not a possum. They will stand there and stare you down. Once, while walking past one, it even hissed at me. I believe this is why they are infamous for *playing dead* when other animals get after them. They don't have the sense to retreat or run.

Uncle Buck and the Possums

The first time that I ever saw a possum, I was about 10 years old. My maternal grandparents lived in Atlanta. Every now and then my grandmother's brother, Buck, who wasn't in good health, would come to stay with her for a while. Buck would piddle around in the basement. We kids never went down there much. We knew that Pop kept his tools down there and that uncle Wayne [my grandparents son] kept a model train set. Apparently, at some point, Buck decided to build a couple of traps.

One day, me and my sister went into the basement and saw that he had captured some kind of small animal in them. When Pop came home from work, we ask him about the animals and what Buck was doing with them. Pop went down to take a look and later he told us that the animals were *Possums* and that Buck 'was just taking care of them'. Well, that was the truth - but only half of it!

Five or six months later, Buck still had those possums. All summer long, into the late fall, he kept them in the basement. By that time, they were getting big and fat. One day, me and Sis went into the back yard and saw the possums. We ask Buck if he was ever going to let them go. He replied "No. I'm getting them fat so I can eat them." Well, this upset us, so as soon as Buck went back inside, we let his possums go. They ran toward the woods, full speed. We were happy - we had rescued the possums from Buck. But he wasn't happy at all - and the crap hit the fan. We kids got into big trouble.

A few years later, Buck was at it again, keeping his possums in the cages in the basement. This time, he and my grandmother got into arguments about it; she wanted him to get rid of them.

One night, while Pop was at work, she and Buck got into an argument about them again. Buck went downstairs to the basement. A few minutes later, he opened the kitchen door and threw in one of those possums. My sister was there, her and my grandmother both almost had a stroke. The possum was running all over the house and there they were after it with brooms, the possum running and hissing. Chasing it out of rooms and closing doors behind them, they finally cornered it in the den and got it to out.

Needless to say, Buck spent the night, and a few more nights, in the basement with his pet[s]!

I came in after everything had happened. I still can't believe my grandmother was moving that fast - she had arthritis in her hip real bad.

I always thought Buck was eating those possums by himself. However, last year at a family gathering, uncle Wayne told me that Buck had a few friends across the river that wanted them. Buck would catch them, fatten them up and sell the possums to them and whoever else wanted one.

That makes me wonder.....exactly how many possums did Buck have flowing in and out of that basement through the years?

Uncle Buck and my grandparents are all gone now. Me and Sis laugh about this now - but it wasn't so funny when it happened. uncle Buck, we loved him, but at times he could be mean as a snake.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Georgia Slow Poke Bill Applauded

I received this text message in response to the Georgia *Slow Poke Bill* that passed the house and is now before the Senate:

Feb. 27, 2014

The 'Slow Poke' Bill has just passed the house for Georgia drivers. Warn the GMaw! I can't wait until they pass the "Circle the parking lot 10 times before parking' Bill!