Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt Gingrich Stands Tall in S.C.

Newt Gingrich responds to CNN's John King....

It looks as though the GOP candidate's are weary of attacks upon them by liberal media who promote Obama's re-election [or another GOP candidate]....we'll have to wait and see how this will work out for Newt in tomorrow's election. By observance of the audience, it looks like they were glad to see Newt stand up for himself. This oh-so-tacky move by John King just may have earned Newt votes - and made America more aware of the arrogance and downfall of Main Stream Media.

Newt Destroys John King, Media Over Ex-Wife Question...


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Media Admits Conspiracy to Ignore Ron Paul
CNN host Howard Kurtz even admits that, “We are in the business of kicking candidates out of the race”.
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