Monday, January 9, 2012

Stepping into 2012

I have to admit, this post is not easy to type. So much has been going on that the past 3 weeks have been nothing but a blur - and bronchitis, flu, and finally pneumonia, doesn't help with the concentration. But is concentration really needed??

For some reason, this holiday season has been very different. Christmas was spent with my older son and his family, given that Amanda is very sick. So we just kind of isolated ourselves for a few days and kicked back. Indeed, the bronchitis and the flu was starting to rear its head for all of us.

Driving back to Ellijay on the 27th was uneventful - I stopped at a scenic overlook along Hwy 515 long enough to take a few pics of the Zell Miller monument. Across the mountains to the west, the mountains were now in shadow, surrounded by the glow of a beautiful sunset. I've never seen a more beautiful sunset than that one...

The next few days at home would be miserable [as they still are] - flu/pneumonia going full speed - but still that tranquility was, and still is, here.

Jan 1

It's funny, most of my previous last days of December were seen out in a festival atmosphere, keeping with all of the family, fun, customs and superstitions. This year, is just wasn't there. Perhaps the tranquility kicked in because 2011 was one of the most rotten years of my life and I was certainly glad to see the tail-end of it. The homemade medicine that I had made for myself - Jack Daniels and honey - I had a few extra strong shots just to help 2011 on its way out. For 2011, it was *so long*, *good-bye* and *adios*.

After the peach fell, and the New Year was in, I went off to bed.

Dreams. The vivid ones, dreams that seem so real that you think it is reality - and most of the time they wake you up. These dreams, of a person, would go on all night. I'd wake up and when I fell back asleep, the dreams would start again...Kind of like watching a movie with a rewind - forward.

Jan 4

If I dreamed at all during the night of the 4th, I don't remember - for it is only the vivid and/or dark dreams that I remember. Upon awakening at dawn, I could see through the french doors that it was lightning outside. Going upstairs to make coffee, I saw what I first thought were headlights at the end of the driveway - but when I opened the door - nothing was there...except what looked like a big bush of fire - or a fire ball. It wasn't the sunlight, because the sun wasn't out - it was very cloudy.

The first week of 2012 has been interesting to say the least. I'm wondering if the dreams, together with the lightning and fire, have anything to do with this years coming events. I believe that dreams tell us things, give us clues. Sometimes they are very clear - other times they are confusing and one may not know the meaning behind the dreams for a long while [such as I did about the dogs].

A few things are for sure - 2012 promises to be explosive in many ways, particularly the political scene, because this is an election year. The Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012. Nasa predicts a solar storm for 2012 or in 2013....

So now we are in the fabled year - 2012. Whatever happens or doesn't happen, folks, we'll know soon enough. After all, we get a front row seat!

[Click on pics for larger view]

The Zell Miller Monument
Hwy 515 [Zell Miller Mountain Parkway]
Scenic Overlook [North bound]
Pickens County, Georgia

Zell Miller - Hwy 515, Pickens County, Ga., Front

Zell Miller - Hwy 515, Pickens County, Ga., Back