Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Spider and her Web

Around a month ago, I discovered that I was hosting this spider outside of my kitchen window. The species is Argiope Aurantia, but around my area they are commonly known as writing spiders. The first time that I ever seen a writing spider, I was around 9 years old. The spider had spun a beautiful web beneath the back porch of my aunt Marie's house. The spider was huge - it's body was probably as big as my head - or so I thought. My uncle, Bobby, was in the back yard with my sister and me and we asked him to knock down the web. We were afraid of it! Of course he didn't. He just laughed and said that it was not poisonous and would soon be gone because it was almost time for cold weather. Aunt Marie told us that there is a myth that says if you look at the spider it will write your name and you will die. Well....I've looked at many since way back then and I'm still around - at least for now. But I still check to see if my name's there!

 The fascinating thing about this spider is that she first spun her web in the lower left-hand side of the window. Over the past month, she has slowly moved it over and upward; it now rests in the upper right-side of the window. I've learned that the spiders will eat their webs at night and spin a new one before dawn. All day, she sits in the center, still, as if dead, waiting...If you watch long enough, every so often a little bug/insect will get caught in her web. Then, as quick as lightning, she will run over to it. And then, just as quickly as she ran to check her dinner, back to the center she will go, resuming her former position, and once again she will become if dead...waiting. I hope that she stays in the window so that I can watch her grow.