Sunday, September 22, 2013

Winged Beauty

Back in May, I caught this snapshot of what I thought was a moth resting against the wall of my apartment building. It was large like a luna moth but was brown. Tonight, after reading NellJean's blog post, I might be wrong, it may be a butterfly [American Painted Lady or Buckeye] - the markings are almost the same. Hopefully she will let me know...I haven't seen one of these butterflies? in my area at all. Never. Maybe it's because all the Rabbit Tobaccy is gone!


  1. Hi, Deborah. Check this page, I think it looks like your moth.

    If that isn't the one, click on the Image Gallery tab on that page and look on pages 56 amd 57. I think it is some kind of silkmoth. I thought promethea was the nearest match.

    Save this site, it's great.

  2. Jean, I think that you are right - the Promethea is the nearest match. So many different beautiful species! I also like the one on page 56, the Antheraea polyphemus - Polyphemus moth, it looks like it has eyelids...:) Thanks for helping me out...the url to this gallery is definitely a keeper.

  3. p.s] I'm going to include it my link section so that I don't accidentally lose it.