Friday, November 8, 2013

Raccoons and Straw People of Ellijay

I'm spending a little time with my Mom in Ellijay and needless to say, it's a welcomed break from the hustle and bustle of metro-Atlanta. Ellijay is laid back and quiet - I like that. But at Mom's cabin, all is not quiet...looks like step-dad has made friends with a couple of raccoons that live nearby. He said they have been coming to visit him since late spring, when they were just babies. Every now and then he gives them food, they eat right out of his hand.

I missed the Fall Apple Festival in October, but the straw people are still hanging out downtown. I think they look cool! The people of Ellijay might call them something else, but I call them straw people because..well...they are positioned outside/on the streets to look like people! Mom calls them *scarecrows*. This is obviously a folk tradition in this area. I'm hoping that someone from the Ellijay area will discover this post and can share how the tradition got started...:)  Below are some pics that I took of them earlier this week. In one of the pictures, a big semi-truck didn't make it's turn and you can see where it clipped the side of the building and knocked down the awning. I don't think much damage was done.

Straw People of Ellijay