Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Begone!

This time around, I didn't hang around Cobb or Paulding Counties. With the forecast predicting that the worst area would be around metro-Atlanta and east, west and south of, I high-tailed it to extreme northwest Georgia - back to Ellijay. This time, it seems that I made the right decision, as I have avoided the worst of not one, but two, snow storms.

Yesterday, Ellijay didn't get too much snow, perhaps a couple of inches. This morning, there was a mixture of ice and snow. But by 10:00 the sun was out and the snow and ice began falling off of the tree limbs in big clumps. By 6:00 tonight, much of it had already melted. Hopefully by tomorrow afternoon, the bulk of the frozen white stuff will be out of here. Snow is beautiful, but after a day or two, I'm ready for it to go away.

A few of my friends are without power - one of them is relying on a Kerosene heater. My parents are lucky that they are not total electric. They have propane gas for heat in case the power should go out. I would feel better if they would invest in a wood burning stove too, but right now, they don't feel that they need it. Step-dad's sister, Dot, who lives not too far away in Ellijay, has one, and it saves her a lot of money on her heating bill. For example, if anyone should need propane gas right now, it is almost $4.00 per gallon, compared to around $2.00 during warm months. When folks live in apartments/homes that are total electric they suffer during times like this if they don't have back-up heat. But back-up heat is the thing that many southerners don't think about - mainly because snow and ice are rare - we just don't get that much of it. Back-up to us is a flashlight and a box of candles in case the power goes off during a bad thunder storm. But perhaps after seeing the results of the last two snow storms, we should hope for treated roads and think more in the way of getting better prepared in our own homes and communities.

To the ones who had a rough time, caught out in the cold, I hope that you made it home safely. My brother-in-law and nephew were stuck in their vehicles for over 24 hrs, along the I-20/Fulton Industrial area. A homeless man, who was offered shelter but refused, froze to death in Mableton. We just never know how things are going to turn out and we must be prepared and help one another, whenever and wherever we can.

And now, I don't know about anybody else, but I'm ready to see the grass and flowers! Last winter, the wind blew cold for far too long, way into the spring. This year, cold wind and snow/ice!

According to the south's famous groundhog, General Beauregard Lee, we will have an early spring because he didn't see his shadow. I'll believe it when I see it! If he's fibbing....does anyone have a good recipe for groundhog stew?